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one-on-one tutoring

Our one-on-one tutoring is the perfect fit for all students! Some students need academic enrichment, while others need more intensive instruction. We combine our own curriculum with the common core lessons being taught in your child's classroom, and we work with local classroom teachers to ensure that our instruction aligns with theirs. Please fill out an enrollment form below to get started.


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$55 per
hour in our studio

$65 per hour in your home

billed monthly

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our enrollment process

New students will start with a three-session enrollment period. Over the course of three 60 - minute sessions, we will get to know your student's likes and dislikes, learning style, multiple intelligences, and academic strengths and weaknesses through common core standards-based assessments. To begin one-on-one tutoring services, fill out an enrollment form by clicking on the red bar at the top of this page that says "NEW STUDENT ENROLLMENT FORM". Please provide as much detail, and as many schedule options as possible, for the question about your after-school availability (this will help us set up a schedule as soon as possible). After you fill out the form, you will receive an email inviting you to confirm your account and create a password. We will set up your first 3 sessions according to your availability, and you will receive an email with the details of your first session and contact information for your tutor. After your third session, we will have a 20 - minute virtual consultation to share our findings and confirm an academic blueprint plan for future sessions. We will continue to work with your child during their set time(s) each week, and bill your credit card monthly, in advance on the first of each month, until we receive 30-day notice from you.  


initial assessments

We use the first few sessions to dig into your child's learning style, multiple intelligences, academic strengths, and academic weaknesses. We then make a list of concepts that have been mastered and a list of concepts that need to be practiced. Our diagnostic assessments examine your child's abilities in the following areas:



  • Early Literacy Skills

  • Phonics & Word Recognition

  • Sight Words

  • Independent, Instructional, & Frustration Reading Levels

  • Reading Fluency

  • Fiction Comprehension

  • Non-Fiction Comprehension



  • Early Math Skills

  • Math Facts 

  • Place Value

  • Addition & Subtraction

  • Measurement & Data

  • Geometry 

  • Multiplication & Division

  • Fractions


structured tutoring sessions

Although each student's sessions are unique, they follow a similar structure. We spend the first 5 minutes checking in on the previous week's goal and revisiting previous concepts. The next 5 minutes are spent discussing the growth mindset and how it was applied to the student's academics during the past week. The next 10 minutes are spent working on a skill that needs to be addressed weekly, such as sight words, math facts, or reading fluency. We then spend 20 minutes working on skills that the student has not yet mastered. This time can be extended by 15 minutes, or we can transition into homework or work that has been sent home by the teacher. We spend the last 5 minutes setting goals for the week and updating the student's notes for our files. We incorporate games, hands-on activities, student-led discovery, and multi-sensory activities as much as possible to help our students retain what they learn with us.

how we monitor progress

We use information from your enrollment form and our diagnostic assessments to establish an academic baseline. Rather than conduct formal assessments every 4-6 weeks, we make notes about skills mastered during our sessions. We update your child's "official" academic record with updated reading benchmark levels, math fact fluency, and report card grades after parent-teacher conferences, progress reports, and report cards. For our middle- and high-school students, we update their "official" academic records with report card grades. All of these forms are kept in your child's binder, and your tutor is happy to share them with you upon request. 

a dozen more reasons

Still not sure if one-on-one tutoring is right for your child? We have 12 more reasons why Kids Under Construction is Long Beach's favorite tutoring business.

  • Students retain 98% of the material they learn during one-on-one instruction in their long-term memory.

  • Our students work with experienced educators that have been thoroughly interviewed and background checked.

  • Tutors help students maintain notebooks that show progress through grade-level common core standards.

  • Our tutors are local experts in a variety of subjects and grade levels that are matched with students based on personalities, learning styles, availability, and academic strengths and needs.

  • Our tutors are reliable and personable, and can offer you a consistent schedule that you can plan around.

  • Working one-on-one with students allows our tutors to provide individualized instruction without being tied to a set curriculum or learning style.

  • Our tutors perform ongoing, formative assessments and collect data to monitor indvidual goal attainment.

  • Students can choose whether they would like to come in to our academic studio or work in their own home.

  • Student progress is monitored by their tutor and by Kristen, Owner and President of Kids Under Construction, Inc.

  • Our office crew manages finances and concerns so that tutors can focus on academics during tutoring sessions.

  • Payments are processed online on the first of the month.

  • We have been in business since 2008, and we are proud of the reputation that we have built in the local academic community.


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