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"My son first met Kristen in 2nd grade before Kids Under Construction was created. By 3rd grade we were having fun, learning science and understanding how to create projects. Now that he is in AP classes in Wilson High School, her early learning technique STILL comes in handy. Kristen and her staff are much more than a "tutoring business". It is a learning experience that can help a child develop study habits and understand how to approach HW, projects and testing. Thank you Kristen for your commitment and passion for any child who is in need of just grasping a subject or excelling and going to the next level. Fight On! And 8 Clap!" -Susie, as posted on Yelp


"I have worked with Kristen for many years in a variety of capacities. I first met her as a college student when she came to my school to volunteer in 1st grade. Later, I had the privilege of being her mentor teacher. In addition, she is a regular substitute in my class and is always the first all I make when I know I'll be missing workdays. Lastly, Kristen has tutored many of my students and I have recommended her services to friends of mine. Kristen has a positive attitude with children and adults alike. Kristen's positive attitude also shows in the lessons she plans for students. They are creative, fun, and appropriate for the variety of levels in the class. Her creativity makes her tutoring sessions fun for her students and more importantly, what the students are learning with Kristen in transferring to the classroom setting. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for her services."​ -Mentor and LBUSD Teacher


I just graded her chapter test, and she earned 81%, a B-!  That's one of the highest grades in the class!!" -6th Grade Reading & Language Arts Core Teacher​


"Kristen is fantastic! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her and Kids Under Construction. I trust her to educate my boys, will continue to do so in the future. I highly recommend her after school tutoring, and summer programs." -Brooke, as posted on Yelp


"Just wanted to let you know that my daughter is doing fantastic on her place value now. We will buy a deck of cards this week, but that game stuck in her head, and she is doing great on expanded form and word she is able to round all the way to the millions place now." -Proud 4th Grade Parent


"Kids Under Construction  and Kristen are top notch!  I have been an educator for LBUSD for over 15 years and I have recommended her services to many students and will continue to do so. I have witnessed amazing results from her services.  She works well with EVERYONE, general education, as well as as special education!  She is a great asset to the Naples Community; anyone who has worked with her will AGREE!  You rock!" -Jennifer, as posted on Yelp


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You helped me graduate and you helped me with my self-confidence level. Kristen, you are one of the most amazing women that I have ever had the pleasure to get to know. Thank you for all that you've done. It's much appreciated." -Accomplished High School Graduate


"My nephews have been going to Kristen for at least 10 years.  She is the best.  Very professional, caring and flexible with scheduling.  My nephews (they are twins) have succeeded in their academic careers because of Kristen and her staff.  I would recommend Kids Under Construction to anyone in the LB area looking for tutors." -Libby, as posted on Yelp


"Thank you for all of your help with the boys! They are doing well and we know it's because of you and your positive energy." -Appreciative 4th and 7th Grade Parent


"Kristen is as good as it gets. She tutors both my children and I couldn't be happier. She is actually part of the family now. She will help my kids on any day of the week, If they need help on something they text her or call her and she is always quick to help. I would trust my kids in her hands anytime, that should say a lot. Knowing how much we love our kids." -Stan, as posted on Yelp


"We were extremely pleased with Erik. He came completely prepared. My son finally understood fractions because of the helpful visual aids! Our tutor is GREAT!" -Relieved 6th Grade Parent​


"Kids Under Construction provides an amazing service! Kristen provides more than just instruction to the kids! She guides, coaches and empowers them to be critical thinkers, organized scholars and proactive students! Hands down the best decision I made seven years ago... Yes, seven! Her service is amazing!!!" -Joni, as posted on Yelp


You are truly an amazing young woman! Isn't it interesting how when a huge door closes you can build a ramp and soar over the whole building? We wish you much success in your business ventures." ​-Family Friend and LBUSD Teacher​


"My wife and I exhausted every concept we could think of attempting to help our daughter with her homework. We felt hopeless. We had a meeting with Kristen about our dilemma, and she convinced us to have her come spend 1 hour with our daughter. That WONDERFUL day happened two days later! Kristen accomplished MORE with our daughter in 1 hour than BOTH of us did in a MONTH! K.U.C. became a regularly scheduled welcome to our home. We were amazed with Kristen's results! She also helped our daughter develop organizational skills that will help her for the rest of her LIFE! THANK YOU Kids Under Construction!!!" -Ben, as posted on Yelp


"Thank you for all you do. Our daughter couldn't have done it without you. We noticed how you motivated her, all of your positive comments and kind, strong words when needed. With 3 more years of high school, it makes parents like us and students like her not feel so overwhelmed." -Thankful 9th Grade Parent


"We love Kristen : ) She has been teaching our children for over five years, as an elementary school teacher and as a private tutor. She always makes learning fun and interesting and our children feel at ease with her. Thank you Kids Under Construction for taking such care with our children." -Joely, as posted on Yelp


"Thank you for everything you do for me! You are a great neighbor and friend. I love you so much. I'm so grateful to have a tutor like you. I love when you make math seem like a puzzle and make it fun! Thanks again!"​ -Enlightened 9th Grade Student


"I would highly recommend this tutoring service to anyone.  Kristen is professional and passionate about her students. Her and her staff will surely make a difference in your child's education." -Linda, as posted on Yelp


"Thank you very much for your contribution to our wine tasting silent auction.With your help, we exceeded our expectations and raised more than $5700 for the Long Beach Futbol Club GU11! This will help keep our girls on the field, engaged in soccer and benefiting from the inherent lessons of teamwork and fitness." -Long Beach Futbol Club


"Kristen and her tutors are so organized, completely on top of all common core and grade level state standards curriculum, and are there with the success of your child in mind.  I highly recommend them to anyone hoping to give their child an extra boost in academic confidence and performance." -Ashley, as posted on Yelp


"Kristen, thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you these past 3 years. Your wealth of knowledge and support are one-of-a-kind. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and all that you do, have done, and will do for me. You'll always be on my speed dial!" -Former KUC Tutor


"Kristen has been tutoring my boys since they were in preschool. Both my kids are ADHD and have IEP's for learning problems.....that being said she has spent time getting to know them and how THEY learn, what works and what doesn't. Even though we no longer live in the area I know that if I need help understanding their homework I can call her and she is always willing to talk us through it. She finds the time to fit us in every summer so they can retain what they spent all year learning. What is even more important is my kids enjoy learning with her (they will deny it). She has truly become part of our family!!" -Sarah, as posted on Yelp


"My 11th grader just has his first tutoring lesson with Lauren last night. She ROCKS! She really explained the lessons well and he was so into it they went over the time by 5 minutes! That has never happened! Thanks for providing our family with a great tutor!" -Ecstatic High School Mom


"Kristen is amazing! What she does isn't a job, its a CALLING. She has dedicated her personal and professional life to educate children. If that wasn't enough she does it in a fun, structured, safe, and loving environment. Thank you Kristen!!" -Leanne, as posted on Yelp


"Our tutor knew what our child needed and made him actually look forward to working with her.  Very pleased.  Wish I would have started with them sooner." -Jody, as posted on Yelp


"Kristen is the upmost of professional and kind. She will support you and encourage you and your family. I have never met a more positive person. This is who you want to tutor your kids!" -Amanda, as posted on Yelp

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