group tutoring

Small group workshops are a fantastic option for students with special interests or a desire to boost academic skills. Our workshops are research-based, taught by qualified teachers, aligned to the Common Core State Standards, and built from common needs demonstrated by local students. Our workshops are aligned to curriculum students are learning in their classrooms, and we've added several in-person group learning POD options for students enrolled in online learning settings, hybrid settings, and traditional settings this school year. 

camp beaches: welcome to summer camp 2021

Welcome to Camp BEACHES, our cross-curricular, hands-on 2021 summer camp inspired by the science and engineering phenomena that peak the interest in, and develop the curiosity of, our youngest learners.

Our half-day camps for students entering grades K-5  feature the following:

  • outdoor PE games,

  • engineering tasks,

  • art projects that bring science concepts to life,

  • coding stations,

  • social studies integrations,

  • hands-on science experiments,

  • open-ended STEM challenges, and

  • differentiated tasks that allow students at different ability levels to participate in related activities simultaneously

Our full-day camps for students entering grades K-2 give students extra time to:

  • code additional mazes,

  • dig deeper into our science unit for the week,

  • create comprehension crafts, 



  • get moving outdoors with their peers,

  • practice lunchroom etiquette and fundamentals, such as using "please" and "thank you", opening food containers independently, and asking to be excused from the table

Our full-day camps for students entering grades 3-5 give students extra time to:

  • play math games that help students review foundational concepts,

  • get moving outdoors to build strength and physical coordination, and

  • create comprehension crafts



covid-19 health & safety precautions:

We have limited the number of seats available for our summer camps to allow for greater social distancing and compliance with all health and safety regulations.  In our office, we will:

  • maintain at least 3 feet of distance between students,

  • spread students out amongst our 2 rooms during camp hours,

  • take your student's temperature using a no-contact thermometer upon entry,

  • require students to wash hands upon entry, before and after snack and lunch times, and before dismissal,

  • offer masks to each student upon entry,

  • reinforce health safety rules established by families as it pertains to mask-wearing,

  • sanitize the bathroom before the first students arrives and after the last student leaves, as well as before and after each use, 

  • sanitize high-touch areas before the first student arrives and after the last student leaves, and

  • make sure your child has an AMAZING experience with their peers!