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about us

What began as a request from a local school teacher for a tutor for one of her students quickly grew into a company whose mission became pairing struggling students with passionate local tutors.​ 


Our approach to our curriculum is simple: every student learns best in a different way. Some students need hands-on activities to understand concepts, and others benefit more from repetition and memorization. We take input from the people that know the student best (you and the student's teacher), and merge these ideas with the standards that the nation expects all students to master at that grade level. 

Kristen Wielert Peters, Owner of Kids Under Construction, earned a Bachelor's Degree from UCLA in 2005 and a Multiple Subject Credential from CSULB in 2008. She turned the nationwide budget crisis into a business opportunity, and incorporated Kids Under Construction in 2009. Later that year, she opened an academic studio on 2nd Street on Naples Island in Long Beach when she saw that the continued budget cuts forced many teachers out of their classrooms and many students into classrooms with higher class sizes. In 2010, she joined the Naples Island Business Association. In 2013, Kristen finished a 2-year Induction program with LBUSD, where she worked closely with district personnel and alongside veteran teachers. She currently works as a substitute teacher for LBUSD when she is not working with students at the Kids Under Construction office or at home with her own children. 

She specializes in reading and math instruction for elementary students, and works in conjunction with parents and classroom teachers. Kristen is on the cutting-edge of the newly-implemented Common Core State Standards, and is up to date on the current implementation process within LBUSD and surrounding districts. She works closely with her crew of educators to make sure that all students are making progress in a warm and nurturing environment.

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